Walking the way of Love

A Transformational Journey Home
to Your Essential Self

Wendy Young - Facilitating A Transformational Journey Home to Yourself - Consciousness Coaching | Mindful Yoga | Embodied Meditation | Reiki


Consciousness Coaching | Mindful Yoga | Embodied Meditation | Reiki

Natural Well-being &
Embodied Awakening
with Wendy Young

Consciousness Coaching | Mindful Yoga | Embodied Meditation | Reiki

Soul-based Coaching & Counselling
facilitates deep and easeful transformation,
spiritual development and inspired living
by guiding dedicated men and women
on their journey home to all of themselves.

Return to Wholeness

Remember and Live
your Authentic Joy-full Self

Consciousness Coaching | Mindful Yoga | Embodied Meditation | Reiki

I offer somatic psychotherapy, life coaching, Ayurveda and embodied movement & awareness practices
to support you in healing from developmental, collective and ancestral trauma,
unravelling limiting belief systems and breaking free from societal programming.

This restores your vitality, nourishes harmonious relationships with yourself,
with others and the planet and connects you with your true purpose and full potential.

Reclaim the  intelligence of your true nature and relearn responses to life's challenges

  • Learn how to be grounded, resourced and present
  • Feel more connected with your natural body wisdom, instincts, intuition and others
  • Deepen in self awareness, self knowledge and self understanding
  • Grow in emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Come back into alignment with your inner knowing
  • Embody your gifts, honour your truth and thrive!

What does it mean to be in Connection with Yourself?

When feeling stressed or triggered, how do you relate with yourself
and deal with strong emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, panic, depression and grief?

How do you relate with your loved ones and the planet?

When challenging situations touch unconscious and painful places in us,
we can feel disconnected, overwhelmed or helpless.

We are less able to relate authentically and respond maturely and wisely.

Instead we react from survival strategies and uncertainty – relating and living from the limitations of the past.

Harmonious relating happens in the Present moment when we are in connection with all parts of ourselves.

All of Life is Relationship

You are intimately related to life and in relationship with life. In fact you’re not separate from life – you are Life. 
As you open, heal and evolve you benefit not only yourself, but all those around you.
Birthing a loving, peaceful and vibrant life for all.

Wake up to the magnificence of who and what you really are and discover what it is to be fully human!

"Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
Love tells me I am everything.
Between these two banks my life flows.”
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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