Remembering Wholeness

Soul-based & body-centred
Coaching & Counselling​

A Heroes & Heroines Journey Home

We carry anxiety, depression, unresolved anger, grief, guilt and shame as well as the impact of stress from our daily lives – in our bodies.  

The effects of developmental and emotional trauma as well as life crises, can leave us feeling unsupported and shut down, like we are unloved, that we are not enough or that we don’t belong.

This influences who we are and how we behave and has a major impact on the quality of our daily lives, our relationships and our well-being.

The Process

These somatic therapy and coaching sessions are a journey home to all of yourself: an invitation to open to the unconscious and wounded parts, as well as a reconnection with your natural potential and deepest essence.

Blending talking therapy and compassionate enquiry with somatic processing, I work directly with your nervous system and guide you to keep turning towards what is painful or what you fear.  As you learn how to be with this and feel it in your body, something in you relaxes and integrates, and comes to peace.

Trust the Intuitive Knowing of your Heart

By reconnecting more and more with your body’s natural wisdom, healing from daily stress, as well as the core wounds of personal and collective trauma, takes place.

Compassionate enquiry and reflection supports the unraveling of unconscious cultural patterning and limiting belief systems.

I guide you into reconnecting with and trusting the inner knowing of your Heart. From this clarity and felt connection, true empowerment and revitalising change takes place.

Each session is an intuitive and organic unfolding which allows me to work with what you bring in the moment.

The sessions may include deep listening, dialogue, enquiry, a mirroring process as well as somatic intelligence, breath awareness and guided process meditation.

This work is also informed by natural laws and spiritual truths.  In one sense it is deeply spiritual. And at the same time these sessions are very practical and grounded in everyday reality.

Our Healing, Living and Spiritual Evolution is all Interconnected

Explore your personal and professional life circumstances, thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe and supportive way

  • Understand how childhood experiences and societal conditioning influences your life today
  • Realise the external situation is a reflection of yourself and an invitation to transformation
  • Discover the intelligence of your nervous system to support psycho-somatic healing
  • Grow in self awareness and cultivate intimate and meaningful relationships with yourself, others and life
  • Learn how to communicate transparently and relate authentically
  • Support to feel and integrate shame, loss, grief and depression
  • Support to feel and integrate stress, anxiety, panic and fear

If you feel called to engage in this deeply transformational work, please contact me to book your first session.

These 1-1 sessions are available anywhere in the world via Zoom.

For diary availability, booking and more information

You are also welcome to call me and we can speak!
 +44 (0) 7388 491 990
WhatsApp +27728004982

Sessions are offered for donation on a sliding scale per 60 minutes
£50 – £80  ;  800 – 1200 Rand  ;  60 – 100 Euro

Please reach out to me if you need a session but your financial situation doesn’t allow it.

You may cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance.  Please still consider offering a donation if you cancel at the last minute.

"I look forward to receiving you from an unconditional place of acceptance and compassion."

“What really matters is your capacity to turn towards the tenderness of your heart in the midst of that which offends you.”
Amoda Maa​

What people say about working with me...

"As this year comes to an end, it has given me time to reflect on the year that has passed and the journey that I face in the coming year. I want to "thank you" Wendy from the very bottom of my soul for all that you have done for me this year. I recall the old saying "when the student is ready, the master appears".

This has certainly been true in my journey with you. You have been the most incredible teacher and master. You walk your talk and you talk your walk! You have given new meaning to the words "take care of yourself" and "do not be so harsh on yourself". As a result, my spiritual growth has happened in leaps and bounds this past year. I have learnt so much from you about acceptance and allowing. It has changed the way I run my business and how I interact with my clients and opponents. It has changed how I view my interpersonal relationships and my own workshops.

You are truly a soul coach. You are truly Wise and you have the ability to pass on your wisdom. You are truly Insightful and Sensitive and I thank you for teaching me how to be at Ease with myself, my life, my God, my Angels and within my own world.

I so look forward to our journey in the new year and to new energies and adventures!"
Helen Mattisson, South Africa
December, 2020