Discovering your Awakened Feminine

I’ve recently returned from a week-long retreat, Meeting in Truth, led by Isaac Shapiro and Meike Schuett ( The retreat was deeply nourishing and very transformational. An area of healing for me has been with regards to the dance of my inner masculine and feminine aspects. I’m noticing a softening of my inner masculine, which is allowing me to deepen into the receptive, embodied qualities of my awakening feminine: I’m experiencing this as less doing and more being.

Our modern world emphasises mind-made forms at the expense of the Formless. Success is determined by the shiny things we own and what they cost. Billboards and television commercials tell us what’s beautiful and what’s not. Many of us bemoan this addiction to surface, which is a product of consumerist living. We long for depth and meaning, for the wide open spaces of an interior world.

In a world that equates form with beauty, we yearn for the wild beauty of the awakened feminine. If we are fortunate we discover a practice that helps us plumb our own depths, and dance in the deeper land of our being. And if we are even more fortunate we join a community of fellow seekers with whom we share our depth and find refuge from the onslaught of surface.

When we seek beauty in form we project our own beauty onto the person we desire, the car we drive, the home we dream about it. Lurking below these projections, this desire for beauty, is something sacred. Both women and men long to access their sacred beauty, but are restrained by a materialistic culture that worships at the altar of science and rationalism.

I am inspired to meet people from the ground of the formless. I invite your awakened feminine out of the cave and into the open. I long to see your beauty shine, your voice sing out and your body dance to the wild rhythms of Nature.  Please email me to book a session.