Emotional Intelligence

To heal our emotional wounds and transform limiting self beliefs, we need to focus on getting in touch with the traumatised, rejected and unaccepted aspects of ourselves.  We do this by cultivating receptivity, sensitivity and presence towards ourselves.  The more we learn to love and accept ourselves – warts and all – the more peace, joy and aliveness we feel in our lives.

When we experience difficult feelings and emotions, such as hurt, rejection, anxiety, self doubt, anger, fear and depression, our automatic tendency is to avoid or to push these strong emotions away.  However, everything we reject or bury affects our physical and mental wellbeing: this process can leave us feeling stuck, limited and isolated; and unconsciously distorts many of the decisions we make in life.

Learning to receive, feel and listen in a way that says all experiences are welcome and sacred, we develop the capacity to be fully present with whatever arises, as well as becoming fully present with ourselves.  From this still place of open acceptance, we are able to experience directly and intimately the sensations and emotions in the body.  This allows our nervous system to relax and healing to happen – physically and psychologically.  Now we are able to listen to the messages and wisdom that rise from deep within the body.

In this way, we learn to relate to ourselves, others and life in an emotionally mature and grounded way.  By cultivating a sense of connection, authenticity, openness and compassion we grow our emotional intelligence.  This is an important daily practice, and one that needs awareness, courage and kindness.  It is an essential life skill needed at this time of our human and spiritual evolution.

If you feel called to deepen in emotional intelligence and experience transformational healing, I offer 1-1 transpersonal somatic counselling sessions to explore past traumas, conditioned beliefs and present life challenges.  I work directly with your nervous system to facilitate a process of healing and awakening from personal and collective wounding. Email me for more information and to book a session.