Feeling and Being

Sometimes people come to spirituality because they feel unhappy, or desperate. The danger is that spirituality becomes psychological avoidance as opposed to truth-seeking.

To me unhappiness is a nagging discomfort and background feeling of anxiety accompanied by the thoughts: ‘I’m not enough, this isn’t enough, they aren’t enough’, that is enough to make me feel relaxed and content with myself and with Life.  If you’re someone born into a functional and loving family then chances are your self-esteem is good.  Life may be challenging, and you can fall back on the self-belief that ‘I am enough to be successful and happy, despite the challenges.’

However, many of us were born into a family where the emotional environment was characterized by a nagging sense that something is wrong.  That doesn’t mean there weren’t moments of intimacy, fun and laughter – but the default setting was a vague feeling of unease.  If that describes you, then you’ll need to be especially vigilant against spiritual bypassing – seeking higher spiritual states to escape emotional pain.

Release comes from honestly and gently acknowledging what we are feeling. Underneath the depression, anxiety and self-judgment is the simplicity of feeling and being. Even uncomfortable emotions, not explained away, suppressed or interfered with, are preferable to the complex thoughts and emotional games that tend to overlay feeling. It’s great when we connect with our True self through heightened spiritual states. But, profound insight is also available to us when we let go and sink into the realm of pure feeling; when we let go and sink into feeling our bodies from the inside.

Take a few moments and experience this now – breathe out and let your body release fully into the support of the chair.  Continue to feel the release of each out-breath bringing more and more attention into your body.  Notice how your body is feeling.  Rest here for a few minutes, simply feeling and being.

If you feel called to work with me, I offer 1-1 transpersonal somatic counselling sessions to explore past traumas, conditioned beliefs and present life challenges. It is a therapy that makes the connection between mind, body and the interconnectedness of Life. I work directly with your nervous system to facilitate a process of healing and awakening from personal and collective wounding. Email me for more information and to book a session.