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Embodied Awareness Meditation​​

Meditation is the Unfolding of Love

Meditation teaches us how to be with what is.

Meditation practice invites us to slow down, get curious about and feel our present moment experience.  This supports our mental, emotional and physical well-being by opening up a calm quality of spaciousness where we are able to feel and include more of ourselves and our experiences.  

Our thinking, speaking and acting come from a clearer and more grounded place of felt connection.

Through meditation we touch the timeless, reconnecting with the core of who we are, beyond the masks we wear and reminding us of our essential nature.

We start to feel the aliveness of life filling us, living in us and expressing through us.

Embodied Awareness Meditation & Healing Circle

A safe and nourishing space to experience connection, transformation and inspiration with like-hearted people.

Weekly Meetings – Live on Zoom – 75mins

Wednesday   6:15pm UK  /  7:15pm Europe   /   7:15pm South Africa

  • Embodied mindfulness practices to support integration, healing & transformation
  • Guided meditation and heart opening practices to support spiritual awakening
  • Enquiry, facilitation, listening and sharing
  • And whatever else that wants to express

Each month we explore a *Dharma teaching and incorporate this theme into practice and daily living.  This invites a monthly commitment and nourishes the potential for growing and deepening together.

Classes are offered for donation on a sliding scale per class
£10 – £16  /  12 – 18 Euro  /  120 – 160 Rand

Please reach out to me if you would like to join but your financial situation doesn’t allow it. If you want to attend regularly, you’re welcome to donate a monthly amount.

*Dharma: a Sanskrit word that can be translated as ‘support’ or ‘the nature of things’ or ‘an aspect of truth or reality’.

'Practicing together generates a collective intelligence that is transformational:
we create a powerful field of loving energy for the benefit of all
which radiates out to the larger body of humanity & the earth.'

‘When your whole body is pervaded with consciousness, your one-pointed mind dissolves into your heart and you penetrate reality.’
Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

What people say about working with me...

“Wendy has a created an online meditation community that is an oasis in my week. I struggle with meditation, yet I feel I have made genuine progress under her kind and insightful guidance.

Each week I feel nourished and rested after the session, and Wendy is amazingly able to tailor the session to every individual’s needs. I highly recommend trying it out!”
Jacqui Maroun, Johannesburg
February 2021
"Wendy has helped me transform my life from over-stimulus, repetitive mental noise and physical contraction into a quieter, gentler and more spacious place. I am stronger and more resilient, clearer in my intentions, more comfortable in my body, gentler on myself and others.

Wendy is the most talented guide and teacher I have met, and I'm an educator myself, so I kind of know how learning works. I also thought that I'm so entrenched in my patterns that I may not be able to learn new pathways to health and insight. But transformation IS possible!

Through various embodied meditation practices and her strong, subtle energy, Wendy has helped me begin the journey towards presence and stillness, so that the present moment, is the most delicious and sacred place to be. This one word sums up Wendy and her teaching practices: impeccable."
Dr Karen Lazar, Johannesburg
June 2020