Loving Awareness in the New Year

The beginning of any cycle is a powerful and tender time. Imagine a new blade of grass pushing its way through the dry earth or a newborn baby sleeping on its mother’s lap. Each is so strong and also fragile.

The New Year period is an important one, not because there is any inherent accuracy to the calendars we use, but rather because it reminds us of the cyclical nature of life.  Things arise, take form and then dissolve only to be reborn at the beginning of a new cycle.  Whether we consider these cycles to be that of birth and death, of day and night or of the movement of our breath, wherever we cast our awareness in nature, we see cycles.  Cycles can exist as a simple repetitive pattern where there is no transformation: a returning of the old without any renewal. 

What allows this cycle of your life, this New Year, to be not just a replay of the limiting patterns of the past?  What allows your next breath, to be a breath of renewal?  Just for a moment, let go of goal setting and planning.  Instead focus on how you meet this moment in a way that touches it with Loving Awareness.

As you shine the light of Loving Awareness on thought, the constricting patterns of thought dissolve, as you shine the light of Loving Awareness on emotional patterns, these knots untangle themselves and release life enhancing energy.  When memories are touched by Loving Awareness, they are seen to be the meaningful stepping stones that have brought you to this breath, to this moment. Whatever arises, acknowledge it, infuse it and release it with Loving Awareness.

By recognising that you are not your personal history or cultural conditioning, but rather that you are Loving Awareness, you are able to let go of the past and meet all that arises in this moment with Presence. 

Turn towards this new cycle with an open mind and an undefended heart and shine the light of Loving Awareness through this moment to touch the future and heal the past.

What does it feel like to enter this year, this moment, with Loving Awareness?

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