Power of Words – Speak from your Heart

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”  Rumi

The Eastern texts and Quantum physics teach us that everything we call solid originates from sound vibration.  What lies underneath the surface of things is a world made of waves and vibration. 

Our thoughts, words and actions are energy – a creative force that manifests as our world. 

What are your habitual patterns of expression: as thinking, speaking and writing?  How does this create and influence your experience of daily life? 

Every word we speak moves as vibration through our heart, affecting the wellbeing of our cells before leaving through our mouth.  What we speak, how we speak and the intention behind our words, affects ourselves, the person with whom we are speaking as well as the environment.

Words have power and are the manifestation of our thoughts.

When we speak gentle words of kindness, the sound vibrations affect us; when we speak harsh words of criticism, the sound vibrations affect us.  Our words can bring healing or suffering.

Skillful speech requires mindfulness. 

An invitation to you:  make a commitment this year to be mindful about what you say, both in content and intention.  Pause, check in with your heart before you speak.   

  • Where do your words come from? 
  • What is your intention?
  • What vibration – feeling – do they carry out into the world?  
  • Be aware of the tone of your voice. 

Buddhism offers a beautiful teaching around skillful speech:

  • is it True?
  • is it Necessary?
  • is it Kind?
  • does it add to the Silence?

When our words are infused with awareness, our speaking, emailing and posts on social media become tools for evolutionary communication.