Slowly Softly Sublimely

Following an inner knowing that felt like a spiritual calling and a homecoming, I completed an eight year cycle of deep healing, and let go of my home.  I left South Africa at the end of August 2018 and moved to Bali, a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago.

The last two-month immersion in a much needed sabbatical and exploration of some of this mystical island, has brought me to a place of deep peace and ease… serenity.  This journey has felt whole: full of both amazing and challenging experiences; pleasant and unpleasant feelings…  there are always two sides to Life experiencing.

Within the first few days of arriving, my hope of finding a quiet beach bungalow to rest and energise was shattered! Noisy motorbikes, the busy southern part of the island that has a high density of tourists and the impact on Mother nature from excessive tourism, felt overwhelming.  This was an invitation to dive deep into the inner Stillness of my being.

Interwoven in this process, has been connecting with the warmth and wisdom of the Indonesian people.  While visiting friends on the pristine island of Flores, I explored parts of the jungle and mountains.  My guide, who took me to the Cunca Wulang  waterfall, said ‘pelan pelan’ as we wondered through the jungle.  ‘Pelan pelan’ in Indonesian means ‘slowly slowly’.

This has been a profound invitation: to slow down.  And in the slowing, I’m experiencing softness – in the people, the land and in Life.  ‘Slowly slowly’ has brought a deeper appreciation for the sounds, sights and scents of this new Life that is unfolding.  In turn I’ve let go of rushing, planning and controlling.  I feel more receptive to the wonder of the unknown and feel myself dropping into the synchronistic magic and richness of being in Flow.

My whole being – body, heart and mind – is also softening.  I’m meeting a still open Heart, which feels like it’s enabling me to bring the authentic power of self-trust, embodiment and wisdom to each experience.  This openness is also nourishing a depth of connection within me, with other people, as well as with the aliveness – and the stillness – of Life itself.

Ayu is the Balinese word for deep beauty, and refers to both inner and outer beauty.  This is certainly a land of awe-inspiring beauty.  I’m now living in Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali, and I’ve never experienced a city quite like this before.  Held by the natural beauty of the jungle, the ancient and modern dance together in a seamless and harmonious expression of Life living itself.  Rich with temples and colourful ceremonial dress, it is also a place of contrast: smells of incense and burning rubbish; narrow congested streets and glorious natural scenery; local road side warungs (restaurants) as well as organic health food eateries and juice bars; art galleries and live jazz.  There is certainly a magic here, a vortex of potent potential and mystery that permeates the air.  It is sublime!

If you feel inspired to embark on inner process work, or are in need of coaching to support your outer life, please email me for more information and to book a session.  I offer transpersonal somatic counselling, life coaching, trauma work, energy healing as well as spiritual mentorship, private yoga and meditation sessions.  You are also welcome to simply connect with me.

‘Do you see that everything in the universe is simply doing its dance –
expressing itself the only way it can… and this is happening in every moment.
Seeing this clearly brings instant relaxation and peace. Why?
Because everything is doing the only dance it can, what is there to worry about?”     Bhakti Maa