Support of Inner Connection

“It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.”   Dalai Lama

What nourishes us so that we are able to keep showing up and keep believing in ourselves when we feel despair and pushed to our limits?

How do we kindly and creatively support each other?

How do we keep nurturing our trust in the essential goodness and intelligence of Life?

Spiritual practice, self care and choosing balance are important practices for supporting ourselves during this period of challenge and rapid change.

Regular movement and stillness practices – yoga, dancing, tai chi and nature walking as well as meditation, reflection or rest are just a few suggestions.

When we practice with sincerity we connect with a natural inner strength of our core, a quality of Being that grows from our vulnerability and dedication.

This inner connection helps us to be more adaptable to meet life moment to moment.

It helps us to understand and accept the inevitable nature of change and its potential for transformation and growth.

It helps us to feel, be with and integrate strong emotions.  Allowing ourselves to feel all that we are feeling gives us access to the support and power of compassion, for ourselves and each other.

Slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures: sunlight streaming through the window, a freshly prepared meal and the feeling of our breath.

Coming back into the present moment, feeling our body and reconnecting with our heart by feeling grateful for what we have, helps us feel more grounded and spacious.

This also nourishes our inner connection and supports lifestyle choices that nurture balance.