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What my Clients Say

Thank you everyone for your vulnerable, authentic and heart-felt sharing.

"Wendy is a transformative coach and counsellor, whose conscious connection approach has helped me tremendously to both manage a demanding job and move forward with personal goals. What’s more, I experienced the benefit of Wendy’s approach from my first session, straightaway experiencing a much needed and enhanced sense of groundedness, spaciousness and wellbeing.  She meets you where you are, and draws on her deep expertise and experience as well as fierce compassion, to bring calm and clarity.  Wendy has also taught me how to tap into my own inner wisdom and resourcefulness, enabling me to access personal strategies that I continue to use on a daily basis."
Lee-Anne Champagne
September 2020
"Thank you Wendy, for the wise and gentle guidance you have given me over the last few months. Our sessions have been a balm to my soul and a start on my journey to healing and peace. I am deeply grateful to slowly and mindfully reconnect with all aspects of myself. To start to truly connect with loved ones in a deep and meaningful way is joyful. Much love."
Carol Cawse
March 2021
"Wendy has been a gentle and intuitive guiding light on my life journey over the past 5 years. I started working with her for one to one coaching which created a safe and healing space that has also expanded into weekly yoga and meditation classes. From in person sessions to online, these sessions have clamed and relaxed my body, mind and spirit regardless of the type of stresses of life at the time. They also given me an opportunity of learning, healing and self discovery."
Nadia Minenza
March 2021

"Together with Wendy I started an incredible journey to heal myself. Accepting whatever is and most importantly she guided me gently to get out of my cognitive space and thinking but rather experiencing and feeling the body. Wendy provided loving guided meditations which I am so grateful for. Thank you, Wendy, for your compassion and love. I will always feel connected to you."
Ulrike Schottler
January 2018
"Dearest Wendy, where do I even begin! Thank you of your light, unconditional love and dedication to my soul. You have helped me grow more than you will ever know. This journey with you has been incredible and you have helped me realise that I am worthy of happiness and joy. Thank you and love always."
Katelyn Smith
December 2017
"Wendy is a rare and beautiful soul... wise, kind and loving. Her limitless support empowered me to navigate some tough life challenges that had stopped me living a beautiful life. Wendy helped me find my way back and move forward in a healthy, whole way toward happiness and freedom. More than special, I'm very grateful to have her in my life."
Paula Drakes-Cohen
February 2021
"They say that you are prone to anxiety genetically and that it often takes an “incident” to bring this out. I have anxiety and to me it felt like something I wanted to get rid of, find out why this is happening to me and stop it immediately. I felt incredibly weak that I could “allow” a disease of the mind to control my well being!

I sought Wendy’s advice a few months into this, expecting a miracle to happen “over night”. After all, if this is a disease of the mind, I can surely control it!

What a journey it is! Wendy in her wise, calm way, eased me into Listening to myself, my inner wisdom which ultimately guides us all. This of course did not happen overnight and I sometimes needed some prodding, which she gently did. Ultimately, nothing was rushed on me and I overcame each milestone as was right for ME! I learnt to accept my season and its fruit, to gently work through it, sit with it and understand the message that I was receiving. I believe that this has come to me to learn from and so I have. Now I can self-talk and breathe my way through any situation. Her approach is holistic, including what is needed in each session and can incorporate anything from yoga poses, breath work, talking, just listening, massage to energy healing and diet.

Wendy is a teacher who allows her students to come to their own realizations while gently guiding them (not shoving her own view on you). She has taken me from a neurotic over thinker, obsessed with the doom of everyone around me, including myself, filled with fear, to some-one who is more self aware, growing in faith and the inner awareness that now guides me. I still have fear but I can hear the inner voice guiding me and reassuring me now!

Wendy has not only helped me overcome my anxiety (helping me to accept it and live with it, seeing how far I have come and what I am capable of) but has even helped me in other aspects of life (including my children, marriage and everyday emotions like anger, jealousy, etc.)

She always thinks before answering a question. I have always left her feeling refreshed, satiated and most importantly - well in body, mind and spirit. I still have a long journey ahead of me and Wendy will be there guiding me.

I recommend her services to anyone trying to live a more meaningful life."
Ramona Sewlal
April 2016
"My journey with Wendy started in 2014 and can be described as an adventurous and enlightening journey towards Self. From my first encounter with Wendy, through Yoga sessions, I was instantly drawn to the space she created and held and the open, inviting and gentle yet firm way she facilitated the yoga classes. Little did I know that these sessions would become a beautiful journey towards Self which a truly incredible “Teacher”. As I continued my journey with Wendy through 1-1 counselling sessions, she facilitated an environment where I can be “at home” within myself. During our sessions, she became the mirror that reflected back to me, in the most gentle yet firm manner, the way in which I was living my life, the self-limiting beliefs that I held and lived by for so long, the unconscious patterns which were not serving me but were guiding every decision that I made and all this in a non-judgmental and safe space, to the degree that I was able to be honest and most importantly open with myself, free of the harsh act of self-judgement.

Wendy was instrumental in my journey towards finding “my inner -child”, helped me facilitate creating an environment where “my inner-child” could surface and be heard. … This was one of the most powerful practices and life changing experiences in ways that I cannot even begin to express. These sessions were a very defining moment in my life, the lessons that came with it brought me to a deeper relationship with myself (and would later have a ripple effect in the spaces around me).

The Dharma sessions which were part of our sessions provided some of the most eye-opening and life-changing lessons. Our sessions were safe, transformative, filled with a couple of good laughs here and there. One of the many things I love about my sessions with Wendy is that there is no “Teacher – Student hierarchy” – she facilitates and holds a safe yet firm space to allow the unfolding of that which needs to come through. There has never been an encounter with Wendy where I have never left feeling more empowered than when I came.

Wendy, let me take this opportunity to thank you for you. The instrumental role you have played in my life. The wisdom you shared with me. The transformation you helped initiate and facilitate. The firmness with which you reflect “me” back to “me”. The love you have shown…. And the gift that you bring and share through what you offer.

I look forward to our continued sessions!"
Harvard Letsoalo
April 2020
"I suffered from severe eczema and depression from the age of 16 years old. I spent thousands of Rands within the medical field trying to find relief from this debilitating condition which affected my physical, mental and emotional ‘existence’ for almost forty years.

I met Wendy during her meditation course and discovered that she is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Life Coach. I had nothing to lose as I was so desperate for help that I made an appointment to see her.

Wendy literally turned my life around with her gentle teachings of self care, nutritional guidance and Ayurvedic herbs which helped to balance my mind and body. This in turn cleared the eczema for the very first time since I was a teenager!

Through Wendy’s dedication and sincere caring, I now have a better understanding and awareness of the interconnectedness of how my body and mind work.

My gratitude towards her will never be forgotten."
Cassi Volkwyn
February 2016
"I just want to say thank you for the first session of this new chapter last night – I was so moved by the experience. Going from a cognitive position to a more embodied feeling one is a new experience for me and one that I am fully committed to exploring. I feel this is the missing piece of the puzzle for me as I learn a different way of facing experiences and manage myself with much more care.

I'm making the connection that emotional energy stuck in the body leads to illness and I am absolutely not going down that road again – these are my second chances and I am taking it all in with both hands – and gratitude!"
Tanya Segal
February 2016

"Thank you so much for the meditation course. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with a deeper part of myself that I haven't allowed myself to before, and although it has definitely brought up many challenging feelings, I'm very grateful for the experience. I have started to meditate everyday in the mornings right after I wake up, and am finding that this helps me to start my day off less stressfully (even when there is no power!) I know that the journey of self enquiry has only just begun though, and I look forward to learning more. Thanks once again for providing the opportunity for this!"
Jenna van Schoor
December 2014
"The whole art for the new humanity will consist in the secret of listening to the Heart consciously, alertly, attentively. And follow it, go wherever it takes you."

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